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Hatchery Circle – Basma Hameed

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In the field of micro-pigment implantation Basma Hameed has distinguished herself as a well-trusted, professional, jovial and successful artist.

With a personal interest initiated from a tragic childhood accident leaving her with facial scarring, Basma exhausted the disappointing product options available. As a result, Basma discovered the possibilities of permanent makeup by experimenting on herself and using her own life experiences with scars to frame her expertise. Now, as founder of the Basma Hameed Clinic, Basma prides herself on her years of experience, state-of-the-art techniques, color artistry, study of symmetry, and attention to fine detail.

As a result of Basma Hameed’s immense success she has been interviewed by CNN, CBC, TheDoctors, and Huffington Post, Basma has been sought after from clients all over the world – all in pursuit of a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence provided by a master micro-pigmentation specialist. Motivated by this goal, Basma Hameed consistently provides quality service and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Her success is not only clear by her outstanding talent for enhancing the inner and outer beauty of her clients, but also her comprehension of the science of micro pigmentation. Over the years, she has established an excellent working relationship with reputable plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and others in the medical community who regularly refer clients for permanent makeup and scar camouflage. Basma provides her clients with the most thorough and professional care using the highest industry standards in micro pigment implantation.


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Hatchery Circle – Basma Hameed
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