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Hatchery Circle: TwitterChat (Feat. @WomenWhoCodeTO)

In preparation for tomorrow’s panel, we’ll be hosting a twitter chat with WomenWhoCodeTO tonight at 7PM!

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The areas of discussion will be as follows:

  1. Why entrepreneurship?
    • This topic addresses the idea of side hustle v. main hustle and the current mentality towards careers and job satisfaction in the light of personal balance
    • Q1 , Q2
  2. Are startups just a STEM thing?
    • A lot of people are switching degrees and / or getting second degrees to feel relevant in the job market.  Computer Science and ECE are getting a lot of attention as they seem to be the fields that lead to jobs with high demand right now: everyone wants to hire programmers.  We’d like to talk about this to destigmatise the space as “tech” only because a lot of other skills are necessary to make a startup successful
    • Q3, Q4
  3. Women and Risk
    • The relationship between women and risk tolerance is something that has been debated in the discourse.  Are women simply more risk averse?  Ergo, a traditional career path with security becomes more appealing?  Some link risk tolerances to social expectations of women: more stability is required because there is pressure to settle down and focus on a family.  Thought provoking, but we want to hear what you think!
    • Q5, Q6
  4. Questions:
    • Q1: What drew you to the space? Was it an evolution from side hustle to main hustle?
    • Q2: Given that the startup space is a boy’s club, what were the challenges faced by some people starting out?
    • Q3: Getting into startups the unconventional way, would you like to speak about that?
    • Q4: There’s a link between code-literacy and employability.  Do you think code literacy is necessary in this day and age?
    • Q5: Startups are commonly associated with risk: what’s your take on this? 
    • Q6: Would you agree that women are pressured to be less risk-taking wrt their careers?

We hope to hear from you!

Check-In Attendees
Hatchery Circle: TwitterChat (Feat. @WomenWhoCodeTO)
Muneera Qureshi

Muneera Qureshi