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Hatchery Circle: Women in Entrepreneurship Panel

The Hatchery Circle is an initiative by The Entrepreneurship Hatchery that provides a space for women to talk about their involvement in the startup ecosystem at UofT and the broader Toronto landscape.  It is an exercise to share ideas, thoughts and connect in a casual context.  The initiative seeks to increase the footprint of women in the UofT startup ecosystem by talking about the challenges that come with the space.

This week’s instalment is a panel featuring two women who are actively engaged in Toronto’s booming startup space.  They are:

Ria Lupton from the Vinetta Project

ria riaz (1)

Born in Pakistan, raised in Singapore and educated in Toronto, Ria Riaz is a savvy citizen of the world and community builder extraordinaire. In her two short years in Canada she has contributed significantly to the ecosystem of women in tech and women entrepreneurs through her work with Bitmaker Labs, Vinetta Project, Women in Tech Toronto, Pakathon and many other organizations.  Her passion lies in digital media strategy, marketing and community building.

Stella Kim from Women Who Code TO

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Since graduating from U of T in 2011, Stella has worked at various tech companies such as Kobo, Filament Creative, and LookBookHQ. Starting out in digital publishing, she learned how integral software solutions and web applications are to startups’ businesses today. After attending Bitmaker Labs’ “a Ruby on Rails 9-week bootcamp” two years ago, she has been working as a full stack developer, and has never looked back.
The panel will address topics that have come up in previous conversation series sessions:
  • Risk tolerance
  • Expertise: startups just a STEM thing?

Join us as we discuss these topics.  If you have questions, ideas or experiences to share–we welcome your opinions!  This is an open event for anyone who is interested in the issue.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Check-In Attendees
Hatchery Circle: Women in Entrepreneurship Panel
Anisa Mohamed

Anisa Mohamed

Pierina Camarena

Pierina Camarena