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SmartStart Seed Fund(OCE) Workshop

Essentially, the OCE Smart Seed Fund ( is a matching grant that you can access via the Hatchery sponsoring your application*. In order to apply for this grant, you need the following :

1. Incorporated company

    • This will only take a matter of days. The Hatchery can set your team up with lawyers who can take discuss the details of the process with you. There is a $450 fee for this step and although we expect teams to pay this amount, we are currently looking for ways to soft finance this money through the Hatchery. This is the required information to set up the initial contact with lawyers:
    • Corporate name
    • Head office address
    • Names and address of directors
    • Names of shareholders and number of shares and any vesting terms
    • Names of officers
    • Bank
    • Accountant
    • Fiscal year end ( probably Dec 31 )
    • Once incorporated, you are required to open up a business bank account. Most banks are welcoming towards entrepreneurs, so ask your personal banking institute about banking packages for small businesses

2. Company prime contact information

3. Contact information of the company

  • If needed we can use The Hatchery’s address 222 College Street suite 106, Toronto, ON M5T 3J1

4.       Value proposition

*Applying for the OCE Smart Seed Fund does not automatically guarantee money in the bank, but it ensures that you get in line first to access the funds.

For more information:

I would also advice that you consult the Eligible and Ineligible Expenditure Guidelines before you apply. Here is the link:

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SmartStart Seed Fund(OCE) Workshop