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Speaker Series: Grant Findlay-Shirras

Grant Findlay-Shirras: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Grant has two passions: living healthy and working hard. With an Honours Specialization in Sports Management from Western University, and an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, it’s clear that he has set himself up for success. His experience ranges from coaching and leadership to sales, marketing, and health and wellness. Grant believes in providing his community with the best resources possible, and is constantly researching new ways of accomplishing this goal. Since graduating, this serial entrepreneur has managed multiple promotional events, led a network marketing team, run his own fitness company, consulted on startups, and is fast becoming a heavy-weight in the technology industry through Parkbench. Grant is a former collegiate tennis athlete and a proud Vancouverite who lives life by two words: passion produces.

Amanda Newman: Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Amanda was raised to run her own successful company. From the ripe old age of six, she started making boxes and washing bottles at her parents’ water bottling company, Fernbrook Spring Water. As a teenager, she opened a retail clothing shop with her mother. From this experience, she developed a flair for interior design, and tried her hand at drawing and designing commercial plazas for a developer. She received her real estate license in 2011 and has since gained experience as a commercial leasing representative for Jones Lang LaSalle, while building a reputation of her own in residential real estate. Her success in these diverse fields has clearly demonstrated that Amanda is a woman of many talents. The concept of Parkbench first occurred to her when she noticed a lack of affordable and neighbourhood-focused marketing opportunities available for small businesses and realtors.

Dr. Rodney Hoinkes: Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Rodney has co-founded many successful new media and technology–based start-ups over the past 16 years. He has led teams in developing leading-edge tools for education, community collaboration, and design used by millions worldwide. Since receiving his Doctorate in Design from Harvard University, Rodney has been filling his with awards. In 1992, he won the Interface Design Award from Apple for designing the iPad and iPad mini, which included their digital camera and GPS mapping features. He’s also won the Canadian New Media Award for Programmer Of The Year, and numerous international honours for his public projects.

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Speaker Series: Grant Findlay-Shirras