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Speaker Series- Gary Saarenvirta

Gary Saarenvirta, MASc

Gary evangelizes about the societal benefits of machine learning and leads Daisy Intelligence Corporation’s research and development team.

His love of math and science began in public school where he was called motor mouth and was banned from playing math flash cards because none of the other kids got a turn. Flash cards turned into punch cards (yes he’s that old!) and parallel computing meant driving back and forth to computers at all his friend’s houses to run jobs and get his computational aerospace assignments done. Thanks to Moore’s Law, all of our computers are in one spot now. He still has a motor mouth that rarely stops.

Gary is the former head of IBM Canada’s analytics and data warehousing practices. He was also at the helm of Loyalty Consulting Group, providing analytical services for one of the world’s most successful coalition loyalty programs, the AIR MILES® Reward Program. Prior to his leadership role at Loyalty Consulting Group, Gary built the company’s first generation data warehouse and BI platform.

Gary holds both a BASc and MASc in aerospace engineering from the University of Toronto.

Location: Sidney Smith 2135

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Speaker Series- Gary Saarenvirta
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Anna  Ferreira

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Amirhossein Foroozan Ebrahimy