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Speaker Series: Hailey Coleman and Sheena Repath

About Hailey Coleman and Sheena Redpath

Right out of university Hailey developed and founded, Damn Heels, classy, comfortable, convenient flats to save women from their killer heels. She appeared on the 5th season premier of Dragons’ Den, won two business plan competitions and was named The Next Power Elite by Canadian Business Magazine. Today, Hailey is the project lead and marketing manager at TT Blues Canada, a family run Latin company that specializes in women’s jeans. She is responsible for establishing the Canadian distribution and developing and executing the business and marketing strategy.

Sheena Repath is working on a dream a really big dream and she’s passionate about it. She helps entrepreneurs make sh*t happen -bringing their dreams, ideas and products to life. She has 10 years of professional experience as designer, entrepreneur, advisor in the fashion/apparel industry. Her expertise ranges from concept creation, design, product development, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and online distribution.

She started Ideal Samples Inc in 2008 to fill a growing need in the marketplace for individuals and businesses that have ideas or concepts that need samples or products produced or help bringing them to market. With the guidance of seasoned mentors, her own experience and the preverbal school of hard knocks. Sheena’s identified the critical steps necessary to successfully bring an idea or product to life and to market. Sheena and her team of experts have worked on hundreds of ideas and products for such leading brands as Damn Heels, KnixWear,, So Young, My Smart Hands, Indian Motorcycle and The Answer just to name a few.

To learn more about Sheena and Ideal Samples visit them at and join us on facebook to learn how you can start making sh*t happen!

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Speaker Series: Hailey Coleman and Sheena Repath