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Speaker Series: Henry Chong

Henry Chong is the founder and CEO of Revelo Electric Corp. and he will speak about his company’s mission to revolutionize personal electric transportation through design innovation.

In 2014, Revelo was recognized as one of “10 Canadian Startups You Should Know About” by Business Vibes and “21 Coolest Small Businesses in Toronto” by Business Insider. Their flagship is the award-winning LE-1 (Lite Electric One). At under 14kgs it is one of the world’s lightest compact electric bikes and the only one to feature an exclusive Dual Mode Crank chainless transmission.

Henry will speak about the design philosophy of the LE-1, the challenges of creating and marketing a new type of vehicle, the emerging electric bike industry, the differences of manufacturing in Canada and China, and the importance on good design. To learn more about Revelo LE-1 please visit their website at

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Speaker Series: Henry Chong