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Speaker Series: Jeremy Chan

Jeremy Chan is currently a Principal at Jonah Group, a software consulting firm offering custom software development, interactive, and business intelligence services.  He is the founder and senior partner in digital solutions consultancy with over 80 staff members, responsible for marketing, human resources, project management, software methodology, and web architecture in the development and deployment of web-based software systems.

Jeremy’s experience includes being a Technical Architect with over 17 years of experience in object-oriented software engineering and software consulting. He is an expert in distributed systems with a variety of standards-based technologies including the Java family of technologies, Smalltalk, XML, UML, and a wide range of modern software engineering tools and environments. Recently he has been experimenting with SVG.

During his talk, Jeremy will speak about his experience with entrepreneurship–the trials and tribulations that comes with the field and what it means to be an entrepreneur.


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Speaker Series: Jeremy Chan