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Speaker Series: Paul Chen

paul chen


Paul Chen is the founder of Venture 3.0 who has two decades of experience with successfully building technology start-ups.

Building on the Past

Paul’s past ventures brought many successes – but they also involved many mistakes along the way. Those experiences laid the groundwork for his approach to business and entrepreneurship.

His first venture is Flonetwork, the pioneer in email marketing in 1998.  Within 3 years, Flonetwork grew to become the market leader in the space with Fortune 500 customers.  The company was eventually acquired by DoubleClick for more than $80M.  Now, the technology created by Flonetwork continues as a thriving entity, now owned by Google.

His most recent business is Fortiva, a Software-as-Service email archiving solution.  Fortiva faced some challenges in the beginning when the industry didn’t see a market for the product.  Today, Fortiva works with many Fortune 500 companies, storing petabytes of instantly searchable data.  Now, Fortiva is part of Proofpoint and will continue growing in the space.


Toward the Future

After two successful exits, Paul is looking to realise  his vision of a better way to build, grow and maintain market-leading businesses.  This vision abandons the constant search for an exit strategy to focus on long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

He truly believes that the landscape has changed and it’s time for a new way of thinking.

Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street, Toronto, Canada

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Speaker Series: Paul Chen