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Speaker Series: Tom Blackmore

Tom Blackmore has worked in the advertising industry for nearly his entire career. He spent many years working at JWT and other large multinational advertising companies.

In 1995 he started his own agency, SharpeBlackmore with only three employees and no accounts. Within five years, his company grew to 75 employees and $50 million in billings. HAVAS, a multinational advertising and public relations company, bought SharpeBlackmore in 2005. Tom stayed on after the acquisition, growing the agency to 150 employees and over $100 million in revenue by 2010.

His accounts included Dell Computers, Volvo Canada, Kraft Foods, Sprint Canada, Fidelity Investments, CIBC and many others. In 2012, Tom left the agency to pursue his own technology start-up named THINKCARDS.

Tom’s goals are to improve the role of branding in marketing and career development. His belief is that branding impacts all aspects of modern-day communication. Tom believes that personal branding is key to a business’ success.

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Speaker Series: Tom Blackmore