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Speaker Series:Grant Findlay-Shirras

Grant Findlay-Shirras is the CEO of, a Canadian tech start-up based out of Toronto that is changing the way people and businesses interact within communities. He has almost a decade of experience in leadership, sales, marketing, and health – all fused together. With an Honors Specialization in Sports Management from Western University, and an HBA from the Richard Ivey Business School, business & health are more than just two majors – they are two passions. Since graduating, Grant has been a serial entrepreneur with success in events, fitness, business consulting, and now in technology through ParkBench. Grant is a collegiate athlete (tennis), experienced coach, and just a big boy from BC who lives life on 2 words: passion produces.

Grant will take everyone on a wild roller coaster ride as he depicts the ups and downs of the entrepreneur life and the journey of his tech start-up, Parkbench. He will be explaining all his major lessons learned and best practices through the stories of his start-up, from ideation, to launch, and his current phase of growth and profitability.

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