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Bryan Socransky

Principal Consultant at Disruptive Consulting Group

Bryan’s experience spans over 25+ years in enterprise software, B2B SaaS and computer hardware. Bryan has a unique work experience background in Product Marketing and Sales which allows him to bridge the divide that usually exists between Sales and Marketing. He has personally sold over $12M in enterprise software / SaaS, exceeding his sales quota many times. Bryan was on the management team at Matrox Graphics, one of the fastest growing Canadian startups - grew from $30M to over $600M in 4 years. He has worked at 6 startups and successfully launched over 15 new products. Bryan is the Principal Consultant of Disruptive Consulting Group. This is a boutique consulting firm that helps B2B technology companies grow. A firm believer in continuous learning, Bryan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics / Political Science from McGill University and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Ottawa.