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Colin Webster

CEO at Hero Ventures Ltd

Colin Webster is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Hero Ventures Ltd. He is responsible for the overall corporate and investment vision of the company. Colin has a history of working as a minion in corporate environments, such as NCR Canada, CAST Shipping in Belgium and Hummingbird Communications; as an entrepreneur/founder for companies such as Truition, Jatheon Technologies, FirstCoverage, Dos Cielos; and as a venture investor for all the portfolio companies at Hero Ventures. Colin currently serves as a director of Jatheon Technologies, MedChart Inc and reBOOT Canada. In addition, Colin serves as an advisor to The Next 36 and the UofT Hatchery entrepreneur programs and is a Trustee for the R.H. Webster Foundation. Colin is a Electrical Engineering/Economics major from Princeton University, holds two patents for sports glasses technologies and received a Silver Jubilee Medal from the Queen for his non-profit work with reBOOT Canada.