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Hana Zalzal - CEO, CARGO Cosmetics

Hana Zalzal

Founder and CEO

Hana Zalzal founded CARGO in 1996 in response to a need to make cosmetics better, easier, smarter. CARGO quickly grew into a global enterprise as women around the world responded to the consumer-centric innovations. Innovations in packaging and formulation garnered awards such as the IDEA Award (for two products) from the United States, and the celebrated international Red Dot Award (also for two products) out of Germany. CARGO's products were featured in design museums alongside brands such as Apple and Nike. Innovations in packaging were also featured in the pages of Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Always asking the same question: “How can this be better?” CARGO Cosmetics was the first brand to launch a lipstick in a completely biodegradable container long before any consumer brand was using biopolymers in packaging. CARGO products appeared on the sets of film and television and were covered on programs such as E Talk, Good Morning America, Bloomberg Television, and Dr. Phil. CARGO's sought-after blush even made an appearance as a question on Teen Jeopardy. In addition, these products were also selected to be in gift baskets at the Oscars and Golden Globes. CARGO also enlisted celebrities such as Courteney Cox and Debra Messing to design lipsticks with a portion of proceeds going to charity. Hana sold CARGO in 2012 and has been focusing on writing. She has completed four screenplays.