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Leslie Zulauf

President, ISX World LLC

My career in small enterprise started when I was 11, collecting tips in exchange for carrying peoples grocery bags to their cars.Since then, I've sold sunglasses and jewelry at a street kiosk (before you even needed a permit!), operated my own painting and window cleaning companies, started Toronto's first bulk grocery delivery service for business and households, opened a restaurant, and co-founded (with partners) an educational travel company (EduTravel) and a private High School (Academy C60). Currently, I am President and Director of ISX Canada, founded in 1999, and currently expanding in the US as ISX World (U.S. 2013). ISX is an international student excursion and events enterprise with offices in Boston and Toronto.

I've taught at various levels of school (Grade 6 to University level) in areas such as entrepreneurship, ESL, Literature, Economics, and Accounting.

I earned (and I mean "earned") my MBA from Schulich School of Business. My undergrad degree is in Political Philosophy.

I was born and raised in Toronto and have two very fantastic teenage children. I've also lived two years each in Tokyo Japan,and Cali Colombia.

I love the thrill and challenge of start-ups and enjoy problem-solving and puzzles. In my free time, I like to work - and also enjoy hiking and camping, writing, golfing, and playing and writing music. My influencers are Buckminster Fuller, Neil Young, and Aldous Huxley.

I admire anyone who has the guts to start their own business.