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Shadi Hagag

Founder & CEO at Trans-Plan Inc.

Simplicity is Ingenuity, I bring this lens to the traffic engineering field because I believe getting from one place to the next should be easy, simple and enjoyable. As a transportation engineer and entrepreneur, I work tirelessly to simplify the traffic engineering process using technology and creative thinking to develop traffic solutions for the future. My vision is to help turn cities into smart livable communities where people, smart cars, traffic signs and infrastructures are in constant communication. Currently as founder and CEO of Trans-Plan, I lead a young and dynamic team who thrives for excellence. We believe that transportation is anyone or anything on the move. Together, we challenge traditional thinking, transforming current engineering standards into the digital age. We blend AI, technology and the highest standards for client satisfaction to serve our city-building clients. Our services include traffic analysis, data collection and asset management for cities in Canada and abroad. Over the last 7 years, we’ve created systems that have digitized key traffic planning functions giving our clients effective planning tools saving them time and money. A strong supporter for diversity, I hope to inspire more women and young engineers to think outside the box or take the leap into entrepreneurship. I dedicate some of my time to mentoring at UofT’s Hatchery, Building AI system with York University and supporting young talent through the Capstone program. With a clear vision and great people, the possibilities are endless.