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Victoria Alleyne

Founder and Executive Director

Victoria Alleyne is Founder and Executive Director of Career Skills Incubator, a non-profit which empowers the un(der)employed to develop skills for their dream careers through mentorship, custom volunteering, and idea incubation. She is also a Project Manager at CSA Group, where she works with diverse stakeholders including government, industry, and academia to develop standards in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle charging.

Her experience as an entrepreneurship mentor began after co-founding and implementing a program based on the National Federation for Teaching Entrepreneurship curriculum at New Mexico’s Las Vegas County Jail while studying at a United World College. She is passionate about socially responsible investment, having worked as an analyst at Sustainalytics in Toronto; energy conservation and waste management, having started community and corporate recycling programs in Barbados; agriculture, having volunteered with organic farming communities in Thailand; and youth social entrepreneurship, as a facilitator and mentor for Online UWC courses.

A graduate of Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo, her experience also includes organizations such as Imperial Oil, Engineers without Borders, Public Works and Government Services Canada, and Sustainable Waterloo Region.