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Allen Lau - CEO, Wattpad

Allen Lau

The Wattpad Story: When Overnight Success Takes 6 Years!

Wattpad’s CEO and co-founder Allen Lau shares his behind-the-scene stories of growing Wattpad from a 2-person company in his basement to a global social network with over 10 million users that’s aiming to disrupt the book publishing industry.

Allen Lau is the co-founder and CEO of Wattpad, the world’s largest community of readers and writers.

With years of experience building successful mobile tech companies, Allen first started prototyping a mobile eReading app in 2002 on a grey-scale Java phone that could only display 5 lines of text. He wanted to solve a problem he was facing - how to read while on the go. So for the past 10 years Allen has been exploring the power of mobile/social collaboration, online communities, and user-generated content.

Wattpad now serves over 10 million people a month and with over 8 million stories uploaded, Allen is leading a team that’s revolutionizing the way people share and discover stories on the web and across every mobile device.