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Brent Cator

Food Industry

Brent Cator leads a dedicated team focused on being Canada’s leading burger and sealed environment cooked protein manufacturer. Operating two plants in Canada, Cardinal supplies top restaurateurs and major retailers with a range of high quality, consistent and safe meat products. Brent’s grandfather started the Cator family in the meat business more than 80 years ago, and his father, Ralph Cator, started Cardinal in 1966. Brent has worked at Cardinal for 30 years, learning every aspect of the business along the way. His training and experiences in all facets of the company have provided a well-rounded view with many insights into what makes it successful. Brent has invested and developed unique technologies for cooked proteins, served on a North American E-Coli task force, and represented the processing industry on a Canadian Food Inspection Agency task force that focused on best practices and regulatory changes for a safer food supply in Canada. Brent is a regular contributor to national magazines where he shares his findings on leading edge technologies and advancements. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where he earned his B.A. in Administrative & Commercial Studies. Brent is a past-president of the North American Meat Processors (now North American Meat Association) and has actively been involved in Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFÉ) for many years.