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Frank Hasenfratz

Leading one of Canada's Largest Automobile Parts Industries

Frank Hasenfratz is the founder of Linamar Corporation—Canada’s second largest automobile parts manufacturer and has been the Chairman of the Board for the company since 1966.

Born in Hungary in 1935, Hasenfratz immigrated to Canada in 1957 as a supervisor of Sinterings Ltd.  He held this position until the formation of Linamar in 1966.  The company started with humble beginnings in his basement as a one-man operation in 1964 as he drew on his experience as a toolmaker and machinist.

In 47 years, the staggering growth of Linamar Corporation into a multi-billion dollar global manufacturing company is a feat that reflects Hasenfratz’s drive to succeed.  Now, Linamar Corporation has a global presence with 40 manufacturing facilities spanning North America, Europe and Asia.  The company also currently has employee base of 17,500 people.