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Inga J. Hipsz

Environmental, business management

Since 2011, Ms. Hipsz is the Director, Sustainability at CSA Group, responsible for standards development in the environmental, business management, natural resources, and built environment areas.  She is a recognized Change Agent with in-depth experience in Lean Thinking, Nuclear and Standards Development, and World-Class Manufacturing environments with high standards of customer satisfaction, quality control, and reliability.

Prior to taking on her role as a Director, Inga was the Program Manager for Environment & Climate Change program.  She also held the position of the Innovation Champion with CSA Standards working in the CSA President’s Innovation Centre.  First of its kind for CSA, the Innovation Centre led the organization in continuous process improvement and culture change through the application of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma tools.

Prior to this assignment, Inga spent 4 years as a Project Manager contributing to the successful growth of the Standards Development Nuclear Program.  She first introduced the concepts of Lean Thinking to CSA back in 2005, and in 2007, with her teammates conducted the first Kaizen to reduce and improve the Standards Development process while demonstrating the benefits of the Lean philosophy.  For her efforts Inga received the first President’s Innovation Award in April 2009.

Before joining CSA Standards, Inga spent 9 years with Kodak Canada Inc. in various functions ranging from Process and Maintenance Engineer (Coating Division Team Leader), Quality Manager, and Technical Project Manager.  Inga received the Eastman Kodak Six Sigma Black Belt Practitioner Certification in 2001, and extensive Lean Manufacturing training thereafter.

In addition to her regular duties, Inga was selected by the President of Kodak Canada Inc. to develop a highly participatory cross-functional Communication Team to design, market, and shape a Lean Manufacturing culture within the manufacturing organization.  Inga’s Communication Team was recognized by the Shingu Jitsu sensei as World-Class.  The Eastman Kodak Co. recognized Inga by presenting her with the KOS (Lean Manufacturing) Leadership Award.

Inga holds B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto.  She is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario.