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Inmar Givoni

VP of Big Data, Kobo Inc.

Inmar Givoni joined Kobo's big data team in 2013 as a senior research scientist working on content analysis and website optimization. As of June 2014, she became the big data team lead. The team develops algorithms for recommendations, search optimization, data science and analytics, content analysis and website optimization among other things.

Prior to that, Givoni was a member of technical staff at Altera. She worked on optimization algorithms for FPGA packing and placement problems, as well as logic utilization estimation and reporting.

Givoni obtained her Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Toronto, specializing in Machine Learning. She worked under the supervision of Professor Brendan Frey at the PSI lab. During my studies, she collaborated with the Boone Lab at the University of Toronto. She spent a term as a visitor of the CBL lab at the University of Cambridge, and interned with Microsoft Research. Her first internship was with Search Labs where she worked on e-commerce search. Her second internship was with the Machine Learning and Percpetion lab at MSR Cambridge, working on project Kinect.

Givoni is interested in applying machine learning techniques to real-world problems that require efficient and practical solutions. To date, she has applied her skills towards various application domains such as eReading, hardware, computational biology, computer vision and gaming, and e-commerce. She enjoys working in interactive, collaborative workplaces, where hard problems that require going beyond engineering solutions are tackled, and where there exists a healthy balance between research and development.