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Ray Sharma - CEO, XMG Studio Inc.

Ray Sharma

The Mobile App Economy

Ray Sharma offers a unique perspective on the evolution of the app economy. Ray is founder and CEO of XMG Studio Inc., the largest independent mobile games studio in Canada. Critically acclaimed XMG hit titles with multi-million unique installs for iOS/Android include Cows vs Aliens, Marine Sharpshooter, Drag Racer and Style Studio. Prior to XMG, Ray was part of Xtreme Labs, presently one of the world’s largest app developers, where he previously held the position of chairman of the board. Prior to Ray’s entrepreneurial experience he spent 10 years on Bay/Wall Street within investment banking research. In 2001 Ray held a title that represented his views of the future - Vice President, Mobile Internet Devices and Applications at CSFB Technology Group based in San Francisco. Ray’s vision that the mobile device represented the next evolutionary wave of computing had significant influence in becoming the top-ranked analyst in his field for 5 of 8 eligible years based on Greenwich and Brendan Woods International survey of fund managers.