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Sep Seyedi


Fusing his passion for engineering, innovation, and technology, Sep established Plastic Mobile in 2007 as a vehicle set out out to pioneer the mobile industry as we know it and raise the bar for technological excellence. Employing the years of experience he cultivated through leading tech initiatives for such industry heavyweights as NASA, GM, Pfizer, and Bank of America, has allowed him to shape and mold Plastic into a digital landscape trailblazer. But Sep has no time to sit back and rest on his laurels, his obsession with innovation perpetually keeps him searching for the next great breakthrough to fuel first-of-its-kind initiatives for North America’s biggest and boldest brands. This transformative mindset helped him dream up Plastic’s technological playground, also known as the Innovation Lab, which has helped develop proprietary technologies for leading brands such as Pizza Pizza, AIR MILES, Rogers, RBC, and OLG. Sep continues to tenaciously lead all things related to technology and innovation at Plastic Mobile, and will not stop until he has changed the way the world experiences mobile everyday...but then again, he probably won’t stop after that either.