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Somen Mondal - CEO, N4

Somen Mondal

How to start & sell a B2B Mobile Enterprise Software-as-a-Service Business from Ground Zero

While working as a computer consultant after graduating from the University of Toronto, Somen spent many of his after-work hours on independent computer projects with a friend. Even while pursuing his MBA at Queen’s University, he continued that work. A client asked for help to develop an electronic system for safety compliance inspections and management to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork. Their solution, Field ID, formed the basis for their software company. Today, N4 Systems is a multi-million-dollar software-as-a-service enterprise that focuses on environmental health and safety with over 250 global clients, including Cirque De Soleil, Rio Tinto and GE. As the CEO and co-founder of N4, Somen has been responsible for the company’s corporate vision, strategy, business growth and customer satisfaction. His hard work, and that of his team, has clearly paid off - N4 was listed as a Company-to-Watch by the Deloitte Fast 50 for its innovation, unique market niche and long-term potential. In 2010, the company was ranked 31 in the Profit Hot 50. With N4 occupying his days, Somen devotes many of his current after-work hours to improving workplace safety. He recently served on the board of the Crane Certification Association of America, where he helped to develop and implement a program to improve crane safety. He is a member of the National Safety Council and regularly speaks about digital safety management at conferences and seminars. As a judge in student entrepreneurship competitions, he has been able to share his passion for entrepreneurship and start-ups.