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Tom Blackmore

Advertising Industry

Tom Blackmore has been both an employee and an entrepreneur. He worked in the advertising industry for most of his career. He worked for a number of years in large agency networks - including J Walter Thompson. He struck out on his own and started his own advertising agency when he was 40 years old. That agency went from 3 to 150 employees in under ten years. He sold that agency and left the advertising  business five years ago. Since then he is been involved in a number of start ups as an entrepreneur. He is running a new start up right now in the field of data collection and analytics. Some of those start ups did not work out. But Tom believes there is lots of learning in failing as well as succeeding. In fact there is always more to learn by not succeeded than by succeeding. He will be talking about the lessons he has learned in being an entrepreneur. Both the good and the bad. You won't learn what you need to know to succeed as an entrepreneur by reading business books. You will only  learn by actually doing it yourself or hearing from those who have done it both good and bad.