The Entrepreneurship Hatchery  ☰ 

Looking to Become a Start-up Founder?

Do you have a business idea that you want to get off the ground?
  • Do you need the inspiration, a place to share your business ideas, and a chance to learn from successful entrepreneurs?
  • Are you looking for a hub to help turn your business idea into a
    successful reality?

If so, the Hatchery is exactly what you are looking for.

What is Hatchery ?

The Hatchery serves University of Toronto students looking to start an entrepreneurial venture. We provide an ecosystem of recourses and relationships to turn your brilliant idea into a viable business.

How does it work?

After you apply and are accepted into the Hatchery, you and your team will be given access to all the tools, fellowships, resources and the support network of the Hatchery.

Your team will be matched with a suitable mentor, and as a team, you will go through the 3 main aspects of the process.

1The Business Document

You will develop a document that gives an overview of your business model, using the support and resources of fellow members, faculty and coaches.

It will outline:

  • Your target market
  • The general terms of your business
  • Your unique value proposition
  • Customer segments
  • An evaluation of the market
  • A financial analysis
  • A description of the team

This will help determine the viability of your idea, and will help you direct all the foundational aspects of your business. This will be your foundational blueprint.

2The Minimum Viable Product

Here you will develop a proof of concept of your business, or a prototype of your product. You will have access to University resources such as laboratories, equipment, computers, and testing facilities.

Mentors and Faculty will help in the process of experimentation and prototype design. It will provide the opportunity to pivot (and modify) the unique value proposition, allowing for a presentation to early adopters to gain their feedback.

2The Pitch

The Hatchery faculty and coaches will help you prepare your business presentation. The Hatchery will connect you with strategic partners with the goal of raising capital.


Aerial CinematicHow Will I Benefit?

Participation in The Hatchery gives you the resources for breathing life into your ideas. You get valuable access to the people, tools and recourses that can quickly put you onto the path to success. You will graduate university not only with a degree but with a job you created for yourself.

See success stories of past Hatchery members HERE


spic2How Do I Get Involved?

Your first step should be to join us at one of our popular weekly Idea Market Sessions where you can rub shoulders with experts and other start-up business founders like you. If you like what you see, you can apply to be a part of The Hatchery experience.




spic3Do You Have What It Takes?

Participation in the Hatchery is open to teams comprised of University of Toronto students in which at least one of the students is registered in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Each team must contain at least two students, but typically should not have more than four.



An application is required to be considered for membership.