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Michael Zhang, Satyam Merja

Value Proposition DealsHype aims to create an effective and efficient marketing strategy for small retailers to reach out to their target customers through a customizable social reward-based mobile application. Building a customer base and sustaining it is often a difficult task for emerging businesses, and the DealsHype application aims to reward customers based on their loyalty to specific brands. Retailers can reward customers who benefit from their services and products by means of their own choice, including personalized offers and reward programs, with customer purchases and involvement tracked by the DealsHype application. Customers are additionally able to promote the products and services through social media platforms, which further increase their rewards, as well as creates effective marketing for the retailers.   To find out more, check out their social media platforms:  
Twitter: @DealsHype
Facebook: /DealsHype

Michael Zhang | Science

Michael Zhang is active in the entrepreneurial and digital marketing scene. His experience includes working in user-experience design, experiential marketing, and technology investments. He has worked extensively with developing health and mobile technologies. He is currently a 4th year student at the University of Toronto and is the Vice-President of Partnerships at Enactus.

Satyam Merja | Engineering

Satyam Merja has completed 3 years in Engineering Science at he University of Toronto. He is a highly skilled software developer with a wealth of experience in mobile application development. His experience includes research into machine learning, signal processing, and iOS app development.

Journey with the Hatchery

DealsHype, the brainchild of Monica Li, Michael Zhang and Satyam Merja began with the simple idea of a mobile application that connects small businesses and retailers to their intended customers. After being accepted into the Hatchery, the DealsHype team undertook a few iterations of their business plan and technology, culminating with a successful collaboration with Live Green Toronto. Currently, the DealsHype mobile application is available on the iTunes app store. DealsHype was awarded the 2013 Orozco Prize for the development of their startup.