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Want to see your idea come to life? Print out a 3D prototype of your design with the Hatchery!

An STL file of your 3D design
Note: You must be enrolled at UofT OR be a part of the Hatchery
To be enrolled at UofT
Be a part of the Hatchery
Depending on demand, your print could take up to 7 days to complete
A Hatchery connector will get in touch with you once your print is ready for pick up.
Your finished product will be available for pick up at the Hatchery office located in the Myhal building.
Ultimaker 2
The Ultimaker 2 is designed to create the most effortless and enjoyable 3D printing experience ever. With ground-breaking 20 micron definition and near silent operation, it’s a leap forward in accurate 3D printing.

The material it supports is PLA White, a bioplastic which transitions quickly from liquid to solid. The machine has a generous build area of 223 by 223 by 205 mm. Due to the limitations, we encourage to you use the Ultimaker 2 for prototype printing.

To learn more about the details of the machine, please click here.
How long will the print take?

The print time depends on the size of the part. Small parts can take only a few hours whereas very large and bulky parts will take at least a day. Infill density also greatly affects the print time.

What is meant by “infill density”?

Parts are not printed to be completely solid. The infill is how much of the space inside the part is filled with material. 100% infill is completely solid, while 0% is completely hollow. 20% is the standard infill density. We don’t typically print at 100% unless absolutely necessary.

Can I print in a specific colour?

Currently, we only stock white PLA. We also cannot accept any other rolls of material provided to us by clients.

Can I print in a material other than PLA?

No. The Ultimakers are designed for various materials, but we only keep PLA as we do not have the necessary ventilation for other materials.

Can you make changes to my part?

We can scale parts, but we cannot change the smaller details and dimensions.

What settings do I need to get the strongest part?

Infill density is the setting that determines how strong a part is. A completely solid part will be the most durable . However, we recommend that you determine how strong it needs to be first before requesting 100% infill as this can result unnecessary usage of material. Another option is to keep the infill density lower, but increase the wall thickness.

What is the resolution of the Ultimakers?

The printer can be accurate to 12.5 microns (X direction), 12.5 microns (Y direction) and 5 microns (Z direction). For more information on the resolution of the Ultimaker, please click here.

What is the build volume for the Ultimakers?

The build volume is 223 by 223 by 205 mm. However, parts that are close to these dimensions are more difficult to print and may not turn out as well.


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