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Hatchery Mentors and Mentorship

Are you looking to make your mark on the world?

Have you navigated a start-up or a business and feel like you have the insights and perspectives to lead the next generation of start-ups to greatness?

We’re looking for mentors to join our organization. Become a mentor at the Hatchery.

Use your experience to give back by shaping future movers and shakers.

Mentors will be matched with ideal projects as a chance to join teams at an early, adaptive stage. This provides an opportunity to be on the ground floor of innovation, and a direct line to the latest products, services and technologies.

menterpicMentoring is a two way street.

While you’ll be coaching some of the brightest minds in the city, you’ll also have an opportunity to view the world from the eyes of a younger, eager demographic. This is both a chance to teach and to learn.

Being a mentor is its own reward. Here are a few things to keep in mind before applying:


  • You will be a volunteer and will receive no financial compensation
  • You will not have an ownership (including intellectual property rights) or equity stake in the business. You will not accept fees or other incentives from any student projects you mentor.
  • You will declare any actual or potential conflict of interest
  • You will respect the confidentiality of any information disclosed by the students

Are you interested in working hands on with a team of innovators?