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Speaker Series: Carolina Gorodetsky & Katheron Intson

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a common progressive neurodegenerative disorder causing debilitating, fluctuating motor symptoms such as tremors. Today, more than 100,000 people live with PD in Canada with 6,500 annual new cases. Patients with frequent fluctuations in their tremors require constant adjustments in oral medications. Objective continuous information regarding these symptoms may help physicians to perform more precise changes in these patients’ medical management. We are providing a continuous monitoring system that tracks tremors in people with Parkinson’s Disease. It uses motion sensors to detect the severity and timing of tremors so that a patient can show a summary report containing tremor data and missed medications to their specialist. This allows the specialist to give an objective analysis of the status of the patient, allowing them to give an appropriate medication regimen to improve their tremors.

The human genetic blueprint is made of 25,000 genes necessary for proper functioning of our body’s machinery. Mutations in these genes can lead to genetic diseases that significantly impact the lives of people and their families. While individually these diseases are collectively rare, there are over 350 million people living with “rare” genetic diseases worldwide. The management of these rare diseases is clinically challenging. A lack of known effective treatments typically leads to numerous attempts of various medications, through trial and error, typically with limited effect. This delay in effective disease management often leads to permanent disabilities and low quality of life. The treatment and development of new treatments for these conditions represents a $300 billion dollar industry. “Big data” and crowdsourced datasets represents a new avenue for identifying effective treatments in individuals with these conditions. Varient is designed to collect patient reported data on positive and negative drug effects in individuals with rare diseases. This data will lead to the identification of more effective medications already used by a subset of patients. Varient aims to streamline the process of finding the right treatment for individuals with specific genetic conditions, and act as a decision support tool for them.


Speed Pitch Day: The Hatchery Pitch-A-Thon


Do you think you have the next $10B Idea? Do you want to test drive it with Y Combinator and Hatchery founder?

The Pitch-A-Thon is the place to be!

During the month of January 2021, you will be guided by Hatchery mentors to craft your 60-second pitch.

On January 29th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM EST, you will present your pitch to founders from Y Combinator and the Hatchery!

Apply NOW  to secure your spot. 

Application Deadline: December 11th, 2020
Limited seats available.

Application Deadline: The Hatchery Pitch-A-Thon


Do you think you have the next $10B Idea? Do you want to test drive it with Y Combinator and Hatchery founder?

The Pitch-A-Thon is the place to be!

During the month of January 2021, you will be guided by Hatchery mentors to craft your 60-second pitch.

On January 29th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM EST, you will present your pitch to founders from Y Combinator and the Hatchery!

Apply NOW  to secure your spot. 

Application Deadline: December 11th, 2020
Limited seats available.

LaunchLab Info Session


Have you ever considered forming a startup company and commercializing your research? UofT’s Hatchery LaunchLab program is specifically structured to support grad student’s and PI’s with the platform and resources to conceive, develop, and form a startup companyThe goal is to provide support and funding, and to enable follow-on investment for engineering research-based startups.

Interested in learning more? Join our 45-minute webinar with the LaunchLab where they will discuss the framework, offerings, admission criteria, take questions and highlight some of the graduate student startup success stories out of LaunchLab

Register HERE

Speaker Series – Iyiope Jibodu

unnamedIyiope Jibodu

Co-Founder, Brecklinge Corp.

Iyiope Jibodu,  is the owner of Brecklinge Corp. where he has served as the Vice President of Operations since 2009.

Would you dare challenge the Apple Smartphone?
The presence of strong, formidable competition often serves as a strong deterrent for most people. Well, most people aren’t entrepreneurs!
This talk will focus on harnessing the power of critical observation when exploring new opportunities in old businesses. With examples taken from his personal experience in disrupting the traditional printing industry, Iyiope will lead a discussion on winning with innovation.

Iyiope co-founded Breklinge Corp in 2009 to provide management consultancy services in the area of strategic communication, client data management and marketing to SMEs via the HD Printing Press division to which Iyiope is Director of Operations. HD Printing Press specializes in print media and proprietary web-to-print technologies and applications. The Royal Bank of Canada, The City of Vaughan, York University, and Carillion Canada are among his Canadian clients.

Speaker Series- Hatchery in Action

Thinking of creating your own startup?
Come learn how you can launch a startup at U of T at our Hatchery in Action event! This event will give you insider startup knowledge, as well as more information about applying to The Hatchery’s summer cohort this year. This is the place to be if you want to being involved in a startup but are looking for the guidance and inspiration to get you on the entrepreneurial path.

Our panel event will feature innovators such as:

– Hatchery Alumni and Co-founders of MedChart Inc, Derrick Chow and James Bateman
– IP Laywer, Isi Caulder
– CEO of Opalux Inc, Andrew Binkley, and
– Operations Manager of The Hatchery, Mariam Karim

Bring any questions you have about entrepreneurship, and get ready to receive some expert advice!

Speaker Series- Sep Seyedi


Come to our Speaker Series and hear what University of Toronto graduate Sep Seyedi has to say about starting his own company!

Fusing his passion for engineering, innovation, and technology, Sep established Plastic Mobile in 2007 as a vehicle set out out to pioneer the mobile industry as we know it and raise the bar for technological excellence. Employing the years of experience he cultivated through leading tech initiatives for such industry heavyweights as NASA, GM, Pfizer, and Bank of America, has allowed him to shape and mold Plastic into a digital landscape trailblazer. But Sep has no time to sit back and rest on his laurels, his obsession with innovation perpetually keeps him searching for the next great breakthrough to fuel first-of-its-kind initiatives for North America’s biggest and boldest brands.
This transformative mindset helped him dream up Plastic’s technological playground, also known as the Innovation Lab, which has helped develop proprietary technologies for leading brands such as Pizza Pizza, AIR MILES, Rogers, RBC, and OLG. Sep continues to tenaciously lead all things related to technology and innovation at Plastic Mobile, and will not stop until he has changed the way the world experiences mobile everyday…but then again, he probably won’t stop after that either.

Speaker Series- Shaul Kuper


Come to our Speaker Series and hear CEO and founder Shaul Kuper tell us about his entrepreneurial journey so far!

Shaul Kuper is a leading entrepreneur in the higher education industry. Only recently recognized as a top market for growth and change, Kuper saw opportunity in the industry in 2001 when he founded Destiny Solutions. A true visionary, Kuper has a penchant for uncovering opportunity and rapidly deploying solutions to meet market needs. Kuper conceptualized and built the industry’s first comprehensive non-traditional business software solution, Destiny One. It was the first system to process higher education enrollments entirely online and the first product worldwide to receive the Payment Card Industry’s Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS) Version 2.0 certification. Originally deployed as an on-premise solution, Kuper transitioned Destiny One to a cloud-hosted SaaS model. Now in use at numerous top institutions including, Penn State, NYU, UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of Toronto, eCornell and Georgetown, Destiny One brings an innovative infrastructure that is propelling institutions forward through a time of dramatic industry change. Widely considered one of the foremost experts in re-imagining the business of higher education, Kuper founded an online newspaper called The EvoLLLution as a means of uniting discussions on non-traditional higher education in order to provoke meaningful change. A regular contributor, Kuper writes on the business of higher education, the role of technology, and the opportunity presented by industry change. Prior to founding Destiny Solutions, Kuper was President of Destiny Web Designs, a Toronto-based website development firm. He holds a B.Sc Honors Degree from University of Toronto.

Engineering Entrepreneurship Series: James Bateman

‘Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Start-ups, and the birth of MedChart’

james-bateman_208x275Abstract: James will share his experience on founding MedChart while obtaining a Master’s at the University of Toronto. He will recount his journey from identifying a solution to a simple problem to raising $1M and building a viable business. He will discuss serial entrepreneurship, his experience trying to find the right idea and the right team, and leveraging the rich University of Toronto and Toronto start-up scene to launch your idea.

Bio: James is a leader, life-long-learner, and is passionate about entrepreneurship. His journey started when he co-founded a family business with his father in 2003 and earned his Red Seal license in carpentry. He owned and operated the company until 2009 when he decided to pursue Engineering Science at the University of Toronto. In 2013, James graduated with honours and a certificate in Engineering Business while also serving on Governing Council and its sub-committees. In early 2016 he obtained the M.A.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and was awarded the NSERC PGS-D scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. at U of T.

James’ pursuit of entrepreneurship has led him to found and co-found three companies during his time at the University of Toronto: Covalent Construction (2009), Devra Sports (2010) and MedChart in 2015 with Derrick Chow. He was motivated to found MedChart after experiencing the pain of trying to get medical records to assist in coordinating care for a dying family member in 2013. As CEO, he has successfully led MedChart to win top prizes from the Entrepreneurship Hatchery and Start@UTIAS accelerators in 2015 and receive $1M in investment and in-kind contributions to seed his start-up. James believes that there is a true demand for easy access to personal medical records and approaches each day with an entrepreneurial spirit seeking “problems” to be solved.

Engineering Entrepreneurship Series: Xavier Snelgrove

xavier-snelgrove_208x275‘Whirlscape, from U of T to Real Company’

Abstract: Xavier will talk about the story of Whirlscape, whose first product the Minuum Keyboard started as Master’s research at the University of Toronto before going viral on Indiegogo. Since then, Whirlscape has gone to the Y-Combinator in the Valley and come back, has shipped over a million (virtual) keyboards, has raised investment and most recently launched its second product, Dango, which uses neural networks to predict emoji, stickers and GIFs.

Bio: Xavier did his undergraduate in Engineering Science at U of T (and attended the Engineering Entrepreneurship Series as an audience member). He did part of an MSc in computer vision before co-founding Whirlscape. At Whirlscape he wears many hats but his favourite hat is that of the algorithm designer, making complex data-driven NLP apps run in real-time on-device.

Engineering Entrepreneurship Series: Yuri Sagalov

yuri_bw_208x275‘From Toronto to San Francisco’

Abstract: Yuri will discuss transitioning from undergrad to start-up founder, building his business, raising multiple rounds of financing from top institutional investors, as well as the decisions that led him to stay in the Bay Area. Yuri will also discuss his experience going through Y-Combinator, and answer any questions students may have about applying.

Bio: Yuri Sagalov is a EngSci 0T8+PEY grad. After starting his MASc in the ECE department, Yuri took a leave of absence to start AeroFS in 2010. Yuri is a part-time partner at Y-Combinator, the acclaimed Silicon Valley accelerator whose notable alumni include Reddit, Dropbox, AirBnB, and Stripe.

Speaker Series– Richard Moran

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.36.10 AM

Richard A. Moran is the President of Menlo College in Atherton, California, a private college in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He is a dynamic speaker, author, CEO and owner of a prestigious vineyard. He is a noted California business leader, venture capitalist, author and evangelist for organization effectiveness. He is best known for his series of humorous business books beginning with bestselling, Never Confuse a Memo with Reality that started the genre of “Business Bullet Books.” He has authored seven books and his newest book, “Everything Matters, Leadership Lessons from a Rookie College President,” will be published in 2016. Moran previously served as CEO and Vice Chairman at Accretive Solutions. Prior to that, he was a Partner at Venrock, Chairman of the Board at Portal Software and a Partner at Accenture. Corporate governance is a professional focus. He serves on the Board of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors. Higher education guest lecture assignments include Stanford Graduate School of Business, NYU Stern School, Santa Clara University, University of California and others. He earned an A.B. at Rutgers College; M.S. at Indiana University; and Ph.D. at Miami University, Oxford Ohio.

Moran writes a column on education for the Huffington Post and has been quoted and profiled in media including the San Francisco Chronicle, KPIX television, KCBS Radio and many others.

Speaker Series– Chakameh Shafii


Chakameh is the Co-founder and CEO of TranQool, an online platform designed for people living with mental distress. She’s an engineering graduate from University of Toronto who founded the Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) national conference in 2013. It was Chakameh’s personal struggles with anxiety that triggered the idea for TranQool. She was inspired to build a solution after hearing from others and experiencing first-hand the challenges of access to mental health resources. Before launching TranQool Chakameh worked at a fortune 500 company in a leadership program.