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How many times does a cell divide before it dies?

Cytospan Technologies

Chris and Michael came to the Hatchery with a brilliant idea. They wanted to use technology to create a bench-top instrument to automatically quantify the replicative life span of cells. This instrument could be used in the research of cancer and aging. They believed in their solution and they had the drive and passion to implement it. The Hatchery was there to support them. They founded Cytospan.

The Idea

Chris and Michael came across the idea for Cytospan during their summer positions. They found that the majority of experiments for replicative life span are with a micromanipulator. This technology is over 50 years old. It his slow, has low output and is laborious. Cytospan saw a chance to lead innovation in this technology to make the future more promising. They are now developing the technology to automatically quantify the replicative life span of cells.

The Hatchery

The Cytospan team came to the Hatchery with the idea. They were confident it was a solution for advancing life sciences. They had the drive and the Hatchery was there to set them on the road to create a successful startup.

We organized a one-on-one mentorship, provided guidance to define a business model and created an advisory board. We helped them gain access to University Resources to better develop their technology, while simultaneously providing guidance on how to pitch to potential investors. The Hatchery network was there to support them during their journey.

The Results

Chris and Michael graduated in May 2013. Their work ethic and dedication makes us proud seeing them pursue their dream. Cytospan is still working hard on developing its technology, and pitching to investors. We are excited to see how Cytospan revolutionizes the field of genetic research and drug discovery!

A startup is not just an idea. It’s an idea in motion. Our supporting insights and expertise in the startup world, combined with talent and work ethic provided Chris and Michael the competitive advantage to succeed.

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