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Youth Panel Discussion

Join us to hear from three young entrepreneurs who will share their experiences of starting a company out of school, and how they persevered to continue down the entrepreneurial path.

Zaid Atto, Co-founder of XPAN

Zaid graduated from U of T Engineering in 2017, and launched his company XPAN at the Hatchery Demo Day during his final year. XPAN is developing minimally invasive technologies that will make surgeries safer, faster, and cheaper.

Mark Elias, Co-founder and CEO of Steadiwear

Also a U of T Engineering graduate, Mark co-founded Steadiwear in 2015 to improve the dexterity and independence of people who suffer from tremors or Parkinson’s Disease. Steadiwear’s lightweight, comfortable and non-electrical gloves are helping seniors live life to the fullest.

Connor Tidd, Co-founder of Just Vertical

Connor founded Just Vertical in 2017 to improve the health of both people and the environment, by helping people grow food on their walls. After 8 months, Just Vertical has achieved positive cash flow and a multi-million dollar valuation. Conner is a masters student in Sustainability Management at U of T.