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Idea Market

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The Entrepreneurship Hatchery holds weekly Idea Markets every Wednesday from 4-5PM in 620 Myhal Centre. These sessions encourage our students to join the Hatchery community and explore UofT’s budding entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our goal is to foster a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment and bring together different perspectives to build productive connections within UofT.
An Idea Market is a casual ideation platform for students who are looking to meet like-minded peers and potentially spark the creation of their own start-up. The Hatchery seeks to connect individuals with similar passions from across disciplines so that they can generate and share their ideas in order to apply for the upcoming 2019 Cohort that will go through the rigorous development of their startup in the Summer of 2019.

Apart from fostering connections between people, another objective of the Idea Market is to get a sense of what The Hatchery is all about. Have questions about The Hatchery or the startup scene? Do bring them up!

We hope to see students from different academic and technical backgrounds. It is a space to come together, network, build versatile teams and learn more about how you can get involved and realize your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Unable to make it to the physical event? Join our Virtual Idea Market NOW

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