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Speaker Series: Axel Villamil


A young creative with big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. A recent Computer Science and New Media Studies graduate from the University of Toronto, he continues to marry his two lifelong passions: technology and the arts. His love for art and performance stems from his time in the Stratford Festival, appearing in a production of The King and I. In high school, he began to shoot and edit dance videos with friends. This accumulated into a performance at the Hip-Hop World Championships where Axel placed 17th. Leaving his mark on the global dance community, Axel became a close collaborator to visiting stars from the Philippines. Loving the creative process, he formed Red Label Studios; his very own production company. Wearing multiple hats on set, Axel has been trusted to work with companies like Nike, Family Channel, and ET Canada.

His most recent venture, StageKeep, solves a problem he found in his early days of dance and still encounters today: why do we still use a pencil and paper to demonstrate choreography? As Axel moves forward, his goal is to solve problems his fellow creators run into.