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Speaker Series – Engineering Entrepreneurship Series – Harpaul Sambhi


Abstract: Not all start-ups should immediately make fundraising their #1 Priority. While it’s true that creating technology companies is becoming easier with technological advancements, building a sustainable company that customers love is still the same effort: very difficult. Harpaul bootstrapped his enterprise software company to profitability in the ages of well-funded competitors and public companies that built similar offerings. Learn how he made customers his #1 advocate that ultimately let Careerify win deals when they shouldn’t have. It’s an open forum that will allow you to get to ask questions that will help you with your challenges today.

Bio: Harpaul Sambhi is an entrepreneur and current angel investor. He bootstrapped his first business, Careerify, serving over 250,000 users globally at customers such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Unilever, Blizzard Activision, and SpaceX. Careerify achieved profitability within it’s second year of business and was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, marking LinkedIn’s first acquisition outside of the United States. Harpaul joined LinkedIn and rebuilt Careerify and oversaw LinkedIn’s HCM initiative, and led product development for LinkedIn’s partner ecosystem in the recruitment space. After LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft, Harpaul joined Microsoft’s Dynamics product team to build a best in class HR technology suite. During his professional career, Harpaul has been fortunate to write a book, Social_HR, published by Carswell/Thomson-Reuters, analyzing the impact of social media on the HR Industry. This led to some very fortunate speaking opportunities across North America and Europe, and becoming a lecturer at the Kellogg-Schulich School of Business.

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