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Engineering Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Maxim Antipin & Saif Abid


In this talk Maxim and Saif are going to discuss how they started SwiftPad and spent hundreds of hours building rich mobile & web applications for healthcare until realizing the expensive lesson that the most powerful solutions are ones that are invisible to the user.

Maxim Antipin holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Engineering Business from the University of Toronto. He is the co-founder of the healthcare technology company SwiftPad, which is an IBM Innovation Partner and 2016 UTEST alumni. Maxim also volunteers his time as an executive committee member at IEEE Toronto where he received the “Outstanding New Leader award in recognition of leadership in the first year. Maxim is passionate about the intersection of engineering and business in the healthcare industry. His capstone project “Indoor Auditory Navigation” was the recipient of the “2017 CNIB Hochhausen Prize”. He continues to strive for positive change in Canada’s healthcare system by empowering & connecting pharmacists with innovative technology.

Saif Abid is a Computer Engineer from the University of Toronto and CTO of SwiftPad – a healthcare company which is also an IBM Innovation Partner. Saif has a deep interest for Golang, distributed systems, data engineering and as of recent, functional programming. When he’s not reading research papers and textbooks for fun, you can find him in the gym or out on a jog. Saif is a big believer in solving problems which impact individuals on a global scale. For example, as his Capstone project, he helped build an “Indoor Auditory Navigation” system for the visually impaired. The project went on to receive the “2017 CNIB Hochhausen Prize”. Ultimately, Saif’s passion is to build novel engineering solutions to help those who need it the most.