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Speaker Series: Shira Yoskovitch


Shira Yoskovitch is the founder and CEO of Handled Concierge Services. A former senior executive, Shira has over 20 years of experience in operations, retail, and distribution, with a background in supply chain management.

The idea for Handled stemmed from Shira’s own experience as a caretaker and busy professional. She found that there wasn’t enough time in the day to tackle her long to-do list but couldn’t find anyone to help. This gap in the retail market, combined with her love of fashion and shopping, led Shira to launch Handled Concierge Services.

Handled officially launched in June 2017 to help individuals with everyday shopping tasks. The online service is targeted to anyone who needs help with everyday shopping tasks including people looking spruce up their wardrobe, busy professionals who don’t have time to run around, and individuals who have gone through a major lifestyle change.