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Cameron & Todd

Cameron and Todd founded AeroVelo to take on high-profile engineering challenges in aerospace and human-power, in the spirit of leading society towards a healthy sustainable future and to inspire people to take on the impossible. Working together since 2006, their team has flown the World's first human-powered flapping-wing aircraft, set human-powered land-speed records, and has recently won the 33-year old Sikorsky Prize for a human-powered helicopter. Their projects have focused on providing an experiential education program to undergraduate engineering students and "doing more with less" via innovative engineering approaches. They will provide perspective on their technical approaches critical to achieving several engineering World-firsts, as well as insight to how AeroVelo was established and will grow in the future.

Bio: Todd Reichert graduated from University of Toronto Engineering Science (Aerospace Option) in 2005, and his Ph.D. in 2011 from the U of T Institute for Aerospace Studies. Cameron Robertson graduated Engineering Science (Aerospace Option) in 2008, and his Master's in 2009 also at UTIAS. During their studies, Todd and Cameron led the team that designed and built the Snowbird Human-Powered Ornithopter. On August 2nd 2010, the Snowbird became the World's first human-powered flapping-wing aircraft to sustain flight, the realization of an ancient aeronautical dream. For this achievement Todd and Cameron were named co-recipients of the CASI Trans-Canada McKee Trophy, among the highest honors in Canadian Aerospace. In 2012 Todd and Cameron established AeroVelo Inc, undertaking the Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter Project with the aim of capturing the 33-year old AHS Sikorsky Prize, for the first flight of a human-powered helicopter to exceed 60 seconds duration and reach 3m in height. On June 13th, 2013, Atlas completed a flight satisfying all prize requirements, a historic milestone. AeroVelo’s next focus is on high-speed aerodynamic bicycles capable of 130Km/h..

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