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Hatchery Circle Panel #4: StartUp Stages

HatcheryCircleLogo Entrepreneurship: The Challenge This is a structure-based conversation that will briefly describe the basic company stages.  This is important to know as different stages come with different levels of risks, resources and  needs.  Most importantly, each stage comes with different expectations from investors. Although each company goes through its own unique growth path, the trajectory typically follows these transitional stages:
  1. Concept
  2. Seed/ Early-Stage Startup
  3. Growth and Expansion
  4. Later-Stage Company
The conversation will focus on addressing the challenges that come from transitioning from “Concept” to “Seed/Early-Stage Startup” and then sustaining enough of growth to expand the company. The first two stages, “Concept” and “Seed/Early-Stage Startup” are the most high-risk.  During these stages, gaining validation is key in order to accrue funding.  How does one go about doing this? The conversation will illustrate the different types of venture capitalists and how to navigate the challenge of pitching in a highly competitive environment.  The goal is to illuminate certain issues that aspiring entrepreneurs should have in mind as a rough roadmap of what to expect on their entrepreneurial journey. Attendees should come prepared with any questions they may have about validating a concept, pitching, incorporation, accruing funding and sustaining growth. Panelists: Julia Johnston, Zoomer Media Inc.  

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