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Ananth Seshan


Managing Director, 5G Group of companies, research and innovation group  that performs  research,  builds  products  and  commercializes them.    The  group offers IOT solutions, energy    intelligence, manufacturing software to   user   base   in   13   countries, has   an established commercial relationship with a Fortune 5 company and has licensed its products to several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. The  grouphas  successfully  introduced  three solutions  to  the  market:Enterprise   Gateway–which   drives   real   time   Asset   Performance Excellence in  manufacturing, ec4–an  adaptable  real  time  energy intelligence  solution  for  the  industry  and Empowered  Worker TM-a synthesis of wearable and digital IoT technologies to deliver assistance to  factory  workers  to  perform  production  and assembly  operations without  errors  and  omissions. Dr.  Seshan  was  involved  in  the  idealization of  these solutions.More  specifically,  the Enterprise  Gateway software has  a  footprint  in  13  countries  and  has  been  implemented  by  global majors  in  automotive,  consumer  product  goods,  process  and  utility industries  such  as  power  plants,  water  and  oil  and  gas.  This  product has  accumulated  a  field  experience  of  more  than  500,000  hours  over the last 12 years.