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Blake Delft

Senior Digital Product Owner at Scotiabank

Innovation. Integrity. Motivation. Hard Work. Success. These are the values Blake lives by. Chronically looking for the next adventure - whether it's in the office or on the road - Blake is an energetic, creative professional with an approach to work and life that rarely prevents him from getting dirty. An avid outdoorsman, Blake takes his experiences from the woods and brings them to board rooms offering simple solutions to messy problems. He likes taking creative ideas and turning them into commercial results. Blake started in 2014 because he wanted to turn a passion of his into a model for growth. He started R&D initiatives for small businesses, run digital campaigns for governments, initiated communications and media platforms for a brewery, and planted 102,000 trees in Northern Ontario. With extensive experience in marketing, communications, content and media, Blake is a 'first in, last out' kind of guy - never afraid of a hard days work.