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Candice Luck

Innovation Program Manager at LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services, Director of Strategy at buildABILITY

Candice is currently the Innovation Program Manager at LifeLabs. Candice has an extensive breadth of experience leading complex initiatives, implementing customer-centred design methodologies, and developing strategies to drive innovation across the public and private sectors. Everyday, she is thankful for the opportunity to help build a healthier Canada alongside her LifeLabs colleagues and partners. LifeLabs is the largest community diagnostic laboratory in Canada with over 350 collection centres, 21 laboratories and service over 19 million patients each year. Innovation: Candice brings a new perspective to healthcare innovation with her multidisciplinary background in sustainability, design, and business strategy. From early stage R&D studies to mass adoption and regulation, her professional experience spans across a wide spectrum of projects that covers the full innovation diffusion curve. During her time in the building industry, she managed a number of high profile projects including Canada’s largest net zero housing innovation project funded by Natural Resources Canada’s ecoEnergy Innovation Initiative that earned her a Canada's 2017 Clean50 title. She is excited to bring her learnings from the building industry to the healthcare sector. Design Thinking and Facilitation: Candice is a seasoned facilitator with experience delivering innovation and design thinking workshops to a diverse group of participants ranging from corporate executives to military leaders. She's delivered workshops for Rotman DesignWorks, the Canadian Forces College, University of Toronto's Engineering Entrepreneurship Hatchery Program, University of Waterloo's Digital Media Accelerator Centre, and the Toronto District School Board.