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David Mason

Independent Portfolio Manager

I have initiated and closed financings totalling over $500 million CDN in my career, primarily in the emerging resource company sector. I am founder of three public companies: resource investment banking (Augen Capital), uranium development (Energy Fuels), and gold exploration (Augen Gold). Augen Capital completed over $150 million in flow-through funding (Canadian tax advantaged) and assisted in the financing of over 300 public companies during the period 1996-2008. As a portfolio manager, I was ranked in the top three for this type of fund, which raises several billion dollars annually. Under my direction, Augen Capital provided the necessary seed capital to found Energy Fuels and Augen Gold. Both companies were taken public and achieved a market capitalization of $250 million and $75 million respectively. For a period of over 5 years I was CEO of Augen Gold, until it was acquired in August 2011. During that period I raised approximately $40 million for exploration and corporate development. I brought the Jerome mine from 130,000 oz of historical gold resource to a 43-101 compliant 1.1 million oz.I have a B.A.Sc in Applied Geology and an M.Eng (Mining - with a specialty in business and mineral economics).  I have worked over 35 years in the investment business and passed all exams including Partners and Directors Exam. This investment experience includes 10 years as a senior mining analyst, plus several years in institutional and retail sales, and corporate finance.