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Edouard Ratiarson

Innovator and Experience Strategist

Edouard is a seasoned Innovator and Experience Strategist . He has studied Engineering Science from University of Toronto. In this program, he learnt the fundamentals of many Engineering disciplines and Human Computer Interaction. After graduating, he has been focused on starting and running successful entrepreneurial ventures in digital innovation. Edouard has also studied Design Thinking from Stanford’s D-School.

In the early 2000’s, Edouard worked his way up to become the Canadian head of Ogilvy & Mather interactive division. During this time he was also a lead technical lead and strategist on American Express and Nestle Globally.

He then opened a digital agency called Base2, which he grew to four locations worldwide. The agency became Nestle Foodservices' eBusiness Agency of Record and was responsible for the design, development and campaign activities globally in 26 countries. After 7 years, Edouard sold Base2 and moved on to working on hand-picked projects Software Startups.

He then opened Meme-Boutique, a customer experience agency that would become global agency of record for Medtronic, the world’s largest medical devices manufacturer. In this capacity, Edouard was responsible for the design of a global eCommerce, eLearning and Support tool to be depolyed market by market and corresponding global lead nurturing campaigns.

With proven ability to operate within agencies, start-ups and large-scale businesses, influencing effectively across and within organizations.

In his spare time, Edouard writes, performs and produces music in his vintage analog studio, and he sponsors and supports a primary school in Madagascar.