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Eric Williamson

Registered Dietitian, PHD Student at University of Toronto

Eric Williamson is a registered dietitian with a special focus on fat loss, muscle gain and sports performance.  In addition to his graduate studies, he provides individual nutrition coaching and public speaking to a variety of individuals, from those looking for health optimization and body composition changes to elite physical and mental performance.  He has a BSc in Nutrition, BA in Kinesiology, MSc in Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is a currently a PhD candidate.  He recently received the young investigator award at the annual American College of Sports Medicine conference for his contributions to the exercise and nutrition community.  Eric has worked with a broad range of clientele including the OHL's Oshawa Generals, the University of Toronto’s varsity basketball teams, Hannah McKeand’s Ultra Endurance Polar Expedition Training Company and hundreds of everyday people juggling busy work and family lives.  Eric's goal as a dietitian and nutrition coach is to help people find the most effective nutrition strategies for their health and goals while balancing the many other important areas of their lives to achieve overall success and fulfillment.