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Erika Murray

Chief Experience Officer at Clover Inc., IP Lawyer at PCK Intellectual Property, Adjunct Professor at Ryerson University

Erika is a dynamic, results oriented business leader, who exhibits excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and communication skills. As an engineer, IP lawyer, and tech founder, Erika draws upon her extensive background and experiences working within industry and as IP counsel for international as well as merging companies to deliver strategic yet practical legal advice. Erika has proven ability in developing and managing complex relationships with all major stakeholders. Her commitment to "give back" to the community is unparalleled by her involvement at committee, start-up, academic, advisory and participation levels. Erika values integrity, innovation and commitment to teamwork. She was born and raised in Newfoundland, is bilingual and travels regularly to meet the needs of her clients. Her key strengths are: leadership and project management, stakeholder negotiation and liaison, relationship management & service delivery, community involvement and advocacy, innovative thinking & problem solving, documentation and report writing, teaching, mentoring and coaching, written and verbal communication.