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Jacqui Detmar

Jacqui has been involved with startup companies for the past 25 years, taking a hiatus from 2002-2009 to earn a Ph.D. and a post-doctoral fellowship in molecular biology. Her 11-year tenure at MedAvail and her current role as the VP - Product & QA, has enabled her to add medical devices product management and testing to her repertoire. Jacqui is an experienced, senior executive with a demonstrated history of working as a leader in the software development and biotechnology industries. A seasoned professional in startup environments with multiple skill-sets and the aptitude to handle complex and rapidly-shifting goals, allowing organizations to keep pace with market drivers. An enthusiastic supporter of learning and development, Jacqui is always thrilled to share her love of learning and pass on what she has discovered throughout her career. She will always seize a chance to learn more and offer others a helping hand in their own journeys!