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João Núncio

Project officer at Government of Northwest Territories

As an innovator and catalyst for change, João designs unconventional solutions, both technical and in business practices, for clients in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. A strategic thinker, he is seeking a growth opportunity to develop and implement, future-proof workflow processes for leading global enterprises. His key accomplishments include: • Accelerated completion of the renovation of a three-story building by 3 months, in downtown Toronto • Bolstered client satisfaction and loyalty by 100%, through the design and consultation on a revamped client relationship strategy with senior management • Constructed additional revenue stream potential, adding value and competitive advantage, by conceiving a perks and discounts marketing strategy for an online property management platform, with high commendation from the CEO • Improved efficiency of safety verification process by 50% and reduced design task time by 20%, as a result of developing new software feature sets